Don and Justine supply a range of products from natural and organic animal health products to certified organic fertiliser, eco-friendly fencing (Fiboposts), paints, stains and creosote. We only sell natural or organic products that are beneficial to your stock and the environment (and even you in some cases!). If we don’t believe in, or trust … Continued

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The NZ Pilot Shop Ltd, was formed in October 2011, due to the closure of the Existing Pilot Shop , operating from Pacific Aero Coatings hanger at Tauranga Airport. With the closure there was no handy source of, resources for the Student Pilots. So Brian Brooker and his wife Pauline, eventually purchased the stock, and … Continued

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We are a New Zealand owned business run by an excellent team with several years of experience in the aviation industry. We are the primary provider of all the leading aviation lubricant products across New Zealand at very appealing prices. Pattershall Oil is dedicated to providing you with all your Aviation oils, greases and fluids … Continued

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We are a full time, 100% dedicated facility specialising in the restoration and maintenance of ex-military and historical aircraft. While we are best known for our work on the Curtiss P-40 family of aircraft, we have the capability to complete any other piston engine Warbird. Restoration and maintenance of other aircraft types has encompassed the … Continued

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New Zealand Distributor of ACF-50, Corrosion Block and Corrosion Block Grease. State of the art Anti-Corrosion products for the Aerospace, Construction and Marine Industries. Graham can share his extensive experience and knowledge with you concerning the protection of valuable aircraft and machinery. Graham is a respected New Zealand Aviator with a career in commercial aviation … Continued

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